Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Step Closer...

I met with my counselor this evening to go over my education plan.  The appointment was supposed to take 30 minutes but we were done in 10.  :)

My counselor said I was well prepared and I knew what I was doing so I did not really need to come in, but it is required. 

Believe it or not I picked the right classes to start with so that was a plus.  He also gave me the degree listings for all 3 Universities that I can attend to get my teaching degree.  So I can get a lot of the classes out of the way and then when I decide on a school I can start taking my transfer classes.  I also found out that all 3 teaching programs are at an accelerated pace and offered online as well.  By the time I get my teaching degree I will be $36,000 in debt but it will be worth it.

I am really excited to be starting this journey.  I have 33 more days until my first day of school.

On August 1st I will order my school books, and apply for scholarships that I am eligible for as well. 

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