Friday, July 8, 2011

37 Days

Well in 37 days I am heading back to school,  I am excited more then nervous.  I am going to be getting my degree in teaching and if I can swing it my masters in education.

There were a lot of factors that led me to go into teaching, yes I know the pay is not great and every year I will wonder if I will have a job but if I can change one child's life then I have done my job.

I have 2 teachers to thank for guiding me in this direction.  The first one was Joshua's kindergarten and first grade teacher Mrs. Yousfi.  She is an awesome teacher and the kind of teacher I want to be.  She took Joshua under he wing and stood up to everyone when they kept saying no he can not do that and he needs this.  She said no he is a perfectly fine little boy and just needs to be left alone.  He flourished with her guidance and we are now friends.  I was her room mom last year and had a ball with the class.  

The second teacher I have to guide me is Jaxsons old teacher Mrs. Harris she is exactly the teacher I DO NOT want to become.  You see she gave up on my son this year, the going got tough with him and instead of helping him she just gave up and let him flounder.  We had 7 IEP's last year and the straw that broke the camels back was when the school called the police on him.  They were aware of his circumstances and yet they paid no attention to them and tossed him out like garbage. 

So I have 2 fine examples to keep me going while I start this journey and I am excited.

I am taking 15 units for my first semester.  Yes its a lot but one of my classes is an online class on computers so that will not be a problem for me.  When I went to freshmen orientation I was the oldest person there.  I was awkward but I had to do it.  One if the girls there made a comment of, " Isn't she a little old to be going to college?"  Her mom replied with, "Honey college is for everyone."  I so wanted to reply with, " At least I don't have to have my mommy drive me."  But I didn't. 

I am starting out in bonehead math well because lets face it I suck at math.  I can mess up a check register like no bodies business...LOL  So I will be taking a math class every semester it looks like but oh well it will give me a refresher course. 

So that's the start of my journal.  I am going to try and keep it updated as much as possible.   But lets face it while I am a student I am also a wife and mother as well.  So I will be going to school, being a mom, running a household and trying to cram homework in there as well.

It should be a fun and interesting ride. 

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  1. You are going to be a fantastic teacher!! You have a good support system to help you through the bumps. Jim will have to pick up some slack around the house, but it will pay off for everyone in the end. I agree that if you change one childs life, it makes this journey worth it! I think we will be spending a lot of time at the library on weekends! I am so proud of you and what you are taking on! It's not going to be a walk in the park, but with hard work and determination, you will make it and succeed. "A Journey of a Thousand Miles"