Monday, August 29, 2011

Come see me

Those are not the words you want to see written across your first homework assignment. 

But alas those are the words that were written across my first homework assignment.  I sat in class the rest of the morning beating myself up, second guessing myself and all around feeling miserable.  It was not what I wanted to see at all and did not anticipate it. 

Let me tell you about my professor for this class.  This man is an unmedicated ADHD and I can say this because I live with 2 children that have ADHD and know when they have had their meds and when they have not.

So we are in the middle of lecture this morning and we are talking about Columbus and how he was looking for gold etc.  All of the sudden he stops looks at a student and says, " I see you are wearing a Texas Rangers shirt this morning are you mocking me?  Then looks at the rest of the class and says the Angels played Texas in a weekend series and we lost. 

Are you freaking kidding me?  What does that have to do with History 17A??  He does this every lecture and it makes it hard to follow him. 

We are supposed to be starting chapter 2 this week and he is just now getting to stuff I read back in chapter 1.  He is a week behind on his lectures. 

So needless to say I have an appointment with him on Thursday to discuss my poor performance on the homework assignment. 

And now Joshua is having an issue in school and being sent to the principals office or having to do sentences every day because he can not stop talking, making noises etc.  

Ahh the life of a mother and student..

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